Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Do we have a Perspective ? In defense of Team India!

Since 2004:
One T20 World Cup Win, Test Series wins in West Indies [twice], Pakistan, England and New Zealand. Not lost a test series between 2008 and 2011 August. Drew level in South Africa and Sri Lanka. And finally an ODI World Cup win just 5 months ago !
Then they lost in England with practically two third of their best team not playing.
Since 2004:
UPA Government has doubled Petrol prices from Rs. 35 to Rs. 70. [Whopping Rs. 14 hike in last 12 months]. The scams have grown larger and larger. The bombs blasts and terror attack continue unabated. Not a single concrete action taken against enemies of the nation. This they have done as the United Prostrating Alliance of Sonia !
We didn’t elect or select Team India, they selected themselves with performances over the years.
We elected UPA, with the hope of better performance. The choice was not based on promises and not performance.
Team India had one, just one bad tour since the 2003 tour of New Zealand.
Team UPA has plundered the nation and moved on from one blunder to another blunder since 2004.
Now the visual and print media, experts and everyone is out with hacksaws to tear apart Team India !
Is a Cricket series loss a larger calamity than all those lives lost in terror attacks ?
Is a white-washed 4-0 Test Series worse than all those black-washed Crores in Swiss Banks by our swindlers ?
Do we have a perspective ?
Govind Raj Shenoy for DieHard Cricket Fans

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