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Benny : The writings of Benny (aka tracer007) are the products of the mind of a cricket fanatic who has been following the game for the last 15 years. After a brief stint in school cricket in the 90s, he decided that chasing a red ball around a field in white flannels as a substitute fielder was not really getting him anywhere. He subsequently entered medical school, where he spent half the time learning how not to kill a patient and the rest of the time, sharing his opinions about the state of international cricket to people who had no idea of what he was talking about. Since graduation, he is living in the U.S., where he chanced upon the world of cricket blogging. - Posts from Benny

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Govind Raj Shenoy : A Doctor who loves to Live, Love and Laugh with the World! Absolutely crazy about Cricket ! Other Qualifications: A Tired Bathroom Singer, Retired Gully Cricketer and Satire Writer ! - Posts from Govind

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Sanya BatraSanya is a half-Indian, half-English girl who supports England despite having grown up in India. She owns England Cricket Blog  - Posts from Sanya

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Karan Praharaj : Just your average 16 year old guy from Mumbai with an un-average love for the game.  Posts from Karan

Swarna Bhatnagar : Aspiring journalist. Nature Photographer. Pathetic cook, a little less pathetic drummer, and a lesser pathetic guitarist. She's paid to watch cricket. And when she's free, she is anyways watching cricket. Sachin is God, MSD comes next.  Posts from Swarna

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