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Kakmal, Super Moon and other World Cup Trivia, Part 2

If there is a Part-1, there has to be sequel. So I had to come with Part-2 to “Yuckmal and other World Cup Trivia“. Who else could have inspired this post other than the Akmals ? So here we go again…
Kakmal randomly decides which random catch will not be dropped. Erasmus couldn’t believe it and ruled Ponting not out. Then everyone made a song and dance about it and Ponting is ruled ‘out’ by the Third Umpire.
Ricky Ponting: c Kamran Akmal b Mohammad Hafiz : 19 runs – 33 balls – 2 fours
Age: 36. Right Handed
18.4 OUT! That’s a big wicket for Pakistan as Ponting departs! Pakistan get the decision reversed ! Shortish outside off, Ponting tries to cut and almost guides it into the gloves of the keeper. Kamran Akmal does pretty well to hold on to that one. They appeal but the Umpire turns it down. Pakistan take the DRS and the Third Umpire needs only one replay to reverse the on-field decision. The Punter is gone ! Meanwhile, there was even a bit of tussle on between Haddin and the rest of the Pakistani fielders. Afridi led them even there ! And actually Kakmal saved the day.
The Shove Must Go On !!
Kakmal didn’t drop anything this afternoon. This has been attributed to the Super Moon. The gravitational tug of the Gigantic Moon kept the ball that split second longer in the sky and the white cherry landed in Kakmal’s gloves against nature.
Doctoring the Balls applauds a fellow Doctor: Uakmal has a finger injury that prevents him from donning the wicket-keeping gloves. But he can field without a pair of gloves. This injury also doesn’t hamper his ability to win matches wearing the batting gloves. Dr. Mathew Hayden who earlier had diagnosed Ganguly and Bhajji with the dreaded ‘Greentrackitis‘ has now diagnosed this strange injury as “Brotherophilia Glovefingeritis Selectiva“.
The English team must have watched the movie “Lagaan”. They perhaps want to extract revenge over Indians. They have kept everyone on the edge of the seats ever since their arrival. So much so, swollen butts are aching all over. No, this isn’t about the Pakistani Butts.
From Revenge to Revenge – The End of Tigers’ Campaign: Bangladesh’s 2011 World Cup Campaign began with one revenge match and ended with another. People failed to realize what they achieved in 2007 were essentially upsets. But the inflated expectations of a still budding Cricketing nation lay decimated as Indian batting juggernaut rolled them over on day-1 and the bowling army of Saffers hit the last nail in the coffin today.
South Africa choked again; at the thought of leaving the stadium after the demolition of Bangladesh. They decided to play it safe by resting Steyn and Morkel. But Tsotsobe and Peterson ensured a stressful journey back to team hotel.
Bangladesh Captain apologized before the crowd could gather enough stones. The local administration had filtered out all articles larger than 5mm within 5km periphery of Sher-E-Bangla stadium. And the South African Team was airlifted to their hotel room without prior information.
Afridi has a short attention span. To know what went wrong, he watched his own innings of 2 runs of 4 balls in fast forward mode. He lost patience halfway through the video !
Pakistan were the last team to beat Australia in a World Cup match. That was in 1999. It perhaps was ordained the same team had to break the streak and hand Aussies their first World Cup defeat in the new Millennium. Pakistan being Pakistan but did everything within their capabilities to stretch the match ! It still was great to watch a team winning with 9 overs to spare against Australia !
Ashish Nehra doesn’t like ‘THIS” song now. It says “Tera [Thirteen] hone laga hoon”. That is what Saffers needed when he started his ill-fated last over and he ended up conceding not so sweet sixteen !
Uakmal looks like the best batsman to arrive from Pakistan since Inzy Bhai. That is till he decides to play like his elder brother more often than he decides to play himself.
Dhoni has finally decided to rope in Ashwin. If India win, that will be RAshwin. If not, it could be CRAshwin !
Raina to play against West Indies. The Caribbeans had an intensive Slip Catching session. KRoach has shortened his length.
Dhoni doesn’t want his team to repeat the mistakes. He actually meant, “Well of course, we will not repeat those mistakes which we have already repeated. We will repeat only those mistakes which we haven’t hitherto repeated”. Piyush Chawla disappointed.
Ponting stood his ground after guiding the ball to Kakmal’s gloves. The edge was heard even in Tasmania. But the desperate Ponting waited for the Umpire’s wrong decision and then the Third Umpire’s right decision. No damage reported to any structure at the Premadasa. The canny Lankans, they haven’t installed any LCD Television in the Aussie dressing room.
West Indies have their plans for Sachin, says Sammy. They have demanded to send immediately a debutant bowler to play India. They wouldn’t mind anyone as long as he is making his debut.
Tendulkar never scared me: Shoaib Akhtar: What he failed to mention: The one who scared him the most was, is and will always be: Kakmal !
I have to call it quits here. Else I might come across as someone who over-stayed like Ponting. I shall come back with more random trivia as the trivial have a knack to repeat themselves; like the mistakes by Team India !
Like Haddin would have said…
The Shove must go on !
Govind Raj Shenoy for DieHard Cricket Fans

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