Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Helicopter….Out Of Fuel?

Looks like MSD who used to entertain everyone with his great hits has disappeared with his long hair. Remember that 183 ? That was the time when he was said to be the most dangerous batsman. Those wild swings of the bat! , those hard hits!, Hitting toe-crushers out of the park! Now he fails to hit full tosses the same way. Occasionally gets inspired by the PEPSI ad and shows his brilliance.
Many (almost everyone) and even you all will say that he has developed into a matured cricketer, a responsible captain. But why can’t he hit the ball the way he used to even in the batting PP ? Plays 2nd fiddle there too!
He used to drink 8 litre of milk everyday….looks like he drinks PEPSI now and has really changed completely… Mr. Dhoni you can’t just say : “the middle order not performed” , “batsman disappointed “, “poor performance in the batting department”….. and the one i hate the most : “batting is our strength”. Batting is India’s strength but you gotta contribute too, certainly as a captain. Take examples of Kapil dev, Imran khan. They were responsible for the wins many times. I can’t remember when MSD got the MOM last time!
He says there are many big hitters in our team. Man you are the biggest! ..Don’t you remember ?
Ya ya.. showed some form against NZ but show it when it’s needed. We know you can perform .. just do it. He used to be so aggressive , flamboyant …. now those words don’t go in with dhoni….. he is referred to as cool now .. cool as PEPSI … not hot like milk. I am constantly highlighting PEPSI because of his growing ads. No problem with that until he continues to perform. How many of you think he can still repeat his 183? I do. MSD is a good cricketer, just lacking intent at the moment. He needs to back himself up. Go out there and lead from the front.
I am criticizing DHONI … so that he performs the way he used too! I mean no offense…….. JUST THAT I MISS that MSD … don’t you ?
A.V.S. ADITYA for DieHard Cricket Fans

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