Monday, March 25, 2013

The Aussie Annihilation: A Lazy Analysis !

Returning to "DHCF Blog" after the longest hiatus of almost half an year. It wasn't as if I was too occupied or had lost interest. It was just that I was lazy to compile a blog-post and was satisfied with short comments on the Social Media. Here I am just compiling some of them together; my take on the Annihilation of Aussies !


India's Opening pair reminds me so much of "Sholay". We have a Viru and a Vi-Jay and then there is a Coin Toss Dhoni NEVER wins !

Exasperated with the Aussie tail bothering our bowlers, Bhajji has declared, "India should ban wickets 8 / 9 / 10 or take them at the beginning of the innings !"

The Chennai pitch where India scored 572 and their last 3 wickets added 200 in less than 50 overs is a bonafide dodgy subcontinental minefield of a track not suitable for Test Cricket !

Question: What did Nathan tell Sachin Tendulkar that upset his rhythm before his fall ?
Answer: Saaraa shehar humen Lyon ke naam se jaanta hai !

Virat is now definitely ready to carry the burden of nation. Well deserved century ! 
Jadeja getting so much turn and 3 wickets on day-1 of a test means just one thing. This test might end before lunch on day-4, if not earlier !
The theme at Hyderabad was: Kai Po CHE ! 
Clarke survived a very close LBW of Jadeja. So Jaddu boy decided to take the law into his own hands and bowled him now ! 
Clarke gambled by declaring with 1 wicket still left. But Dhoni is a Master of the Gamble: He sent 2 Night Watchmen to Open !
Shane Watson's wife gives birth to their first child. Likely to be named Powerpoint Presentation-1 ! 
Michael Clarke will get out in all possible ways to Jadeja before the end of this series !
Ravindra jadeja should be immediately appointed Honorary Manager of all Government offices. He knows how handle Clarkes !
Cheteshwar Pujara and Murali Vijay have beaten Australia by an innings at Hyderabad !
Of the 4 suspended Australian players, only one is a Man [Usman]. Rest all are Sons [Watson, Pattinson, Johnson] !
If coach were to ask Bhajji to make a presentation, he'd've given him a glittering 'gift wrapped' "Presentation !" 
Haddin going to India: He is expected to Wade through troubled waters !
India's Population Control Board must hire M S Dhoni's services. He can eliminate many with his ways at the crease during tight chases !
Mickey Arthur has ordered Phil Hughes to buy a Pup or Dog that can eat his homework before the second innings !
Rajeev Shukla was quoted as, "Shikar Dhawan is the best thing to have happened to Indian Cricket since Rahul Gandhi !"
Inspired from the famous Bachchan dialoguie from "Sharaabi": "Mooche Ho to ho Shikhar Dhawan jaisi, Nahin to naa ho !"
The Hundred Man and the Twirling Mustache
End of the road for the Viru-Gauty ? Too early to write them off but Dhawan, Vijay success means a happy Dhoni sans the Delhi-Bully gang !
Dhoni has won everything in this series except toss !
Jadeja will get two wickets lesser in Delhi test thanks to Clarke !
Jadeja can't give up on Australian Captains. Clarke nahin toh Watson sahi !
Jadeja completes an over in the time that Ishant takes to push back his hair into place !
Will Ojha spend 1 year on 99 ala Tendulkar ?
We soon might have ads like "This ball of the over sponsored by...blah blah" on NEO Prime TV !
I wonder why they didn't send Ajinkya Rahane to open. He has enough experience opening; the drinks bottles !
Indian middle order is like our bureaucracy. They sit in AC and order around. We people know they won't but we still expect them to deliver the goods !
Australia missed Clarke the bowler than the batsman. Jadeja too missed him, but the batsman !
Australia Captain Clarke has ''Declared'' they can take pride over the fact that India couldn't bowl them out 8 times in the series !
No more performance related worries for Mrs. Che Pujara !
Che Pujara's wife is totally satisfied and extremely happy with his performance !

Govind Raj Shenoy for DieHard Cricket Fans

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