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Monday, March 25, 2013

The Aussie Annihilation: A Lazy Analysis !

Returning to "DHCF Blog" after the longest hiatus of almost half an year. It wasn't as if I was too occupied or had lost interest. It was just that I was lazy to compile a blog-post and was satisfied with short comments on the Social Media. Here I am just compiling some of them together; my take on the Annihilation of Aussies !


India's Opening pair reminds me so much of "Sholay". We have a Viru and a Vi-Jay and then there is a Coin Toss Dhoni NEVER wins !

Exasperated with the Aussie tail bothering our bowlers, Bhajji has declared, "India should ban wickets 8 / 9 / 10 or take them at the beginning of the innings !"

The Chennai pitch where India scored 572 and their last 3 wickets added 200 in less than 50 overs is a bonafide dodgy subcontinental minefield of a track not suitable for Test Cricket !

Question: What did Nathan tell Sachin Tendulkar that upset his rhythm before his fall ?
Answer: Saaraa shehar humen Lyon ke naam se jaanta hai !

Virat is now definitely ready to carry the burden of nation. Well deserved century ! 
Jadeja getting so much turn and 3 wickets on day-1 of a test means just one thing. This test might end before lunch on day-4, if not earlier !
The theme at Hyderabad was: Kai Po CHE ! 
Clarke survived a very close LBW of Jadeja. So Jaddu boy decided to take the law into his own hands and bowled him now ! 
Clarke gambled by declaring with 1 wicket still left. But Dhoni is a Master of the Gamble: He sent 2 Night Watchmen to Open !
Shane Watson's wife gives birth to their first child. Likely to be named Powerpoint Presentation-1 ! 
Michael Clarke will get out in all possible ways to Jadeja before the end of this series !
Ravindra jadeja should be immediately appointed Honorary Manager of all Government offices. He knows how handle Clarkes !
Cheteshwar Pujara and Murali Vijay have beaten Australia by an innings at Hyderabad !
Of the 4 suspended Australian players, only one is a Man [Usman]. Rest all are Sons [Watson, Pattinson, Johnson] !
If coach were to ask Bhajji to make a presentation, he'd've given him a glittering 'gift wrapped' "Presentation !" 
Haddin going to India: He is expected to Wade through troubled waters !
India's Population Control Board must hire M S Dhoni's services. He can eliminate many with his ways at the crease during tight chases !
Mickey Arthur has ordered Phil Hughes to buy a Pup or Dog that can eat his homework before the second innings !
Rajeev Shukla was quoted as, "Shikar Dhawan is the best thing to have happened to Indian Cricket since Rahul Gandhi !"
Inspired from the famous Bachchan dialoguie from "Sharaabi": "Mooche Ho to ho Shikhar Dhawan jaisi, Nahin to naa ho !"
The Hundred Man and the Twirling Mustache
End of the road for the Viru-Gauty ? Too early to write them off but Dhawan, Vijay success means a happy Dhoni sans the Delhi-Bully gang !
Dhoni has won everything in this series except toss !
Jadeja will get two wickets lesser in Delhi test thanks to Clarke !
Jadeja can't give up on Australian Captains. Clarke nahin toh Watson sahi !
Jadeja completes an over in the time that Ishant takes to push back his hair into place !
Will Ojha spend 1 year on 99 ala Tendulkar ?
We soon might have ads like "This ball of the over sponsored by...blah blah" on NEO Prime TV !
I wonder why they didn't send Ajinkya Rahane to open. He has enough experience opening; the drinks bottles !
Indian middle order is like our bureaucracy. They sit in AC and order around. We people know they won't but we still expect them to deliver the goods !
Australia missed Clarke the bowler than the batsman. Jadeja too missed him, but the batsman !
Australia Captain Clarke has ''Declared'' they can take pride over the fact that India couldn't bowl them out 8 times in the series !
No more performance related worries for Mrs. Che Pujara !
Che Pujara's wife is totally satisfied and extremely happy with his performance !

Govind Raj Shenoy for DieHard Cricket Fans

Thursday, November 8, 2012

For The Love Of The Game – A Short Story

It was the incessant ringing of the door-bell that woke him up. Groggily, the old man checked the time on the wall clock above his television set and was surprised that his friend had arrived much earlier than expected. Slightly annoyed, he got up from his rocking chair and switched off the TV, even as the door-bell continued to ring. “I’m coming!” he shouted grumpily. Muttering to himself, he ambled to the front door and opened it.
“Hello Grandpa. Hope I am not disturbing you.”
For a moment, the old man didn't know how to respond. After all, it was not often that his teenage grandson came around to visit him; but there he was, standing at his door step with an almost forlorn expression on his face.
“Of course not, kid. Come on in”. The old man moved aside and let the teenager trudge in to the living room. Even as he tried to gather his thoughts, wondering what the reasons for the unexpected visit could be, the teenager flopped on a near-by sofa and asked for a glass of water.
Fetching the glass of water, the old man handed it over to the boy, who gulped it down in a flash.
Shifting uncomfortably, the old man asked, “So, what’s the matter, kid? You look upset.”