Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What do I do when low on Cricket Adrenaline ?

Team India are the reigning World Champions in ODI Cricket.
We also have the World No. 1 Test Team since over a year.
IPL attracts more eyeballs than most of the International series.
Rahul Sharma and Sreenath Aravind have bowled with promise.
Ambati Rayudu and Paul Valthaty have enlivened the proceedings.
Shane Warne believes Rohit Sharma is a Master in the making.
Tendulkar is still hungry for runs and Dravid isn’t finished either.
Virat Kohli is batting well and shows guts as Captain of men.
Sehwagging reached epitome before he was shouldered out.
Gambhir is taking both Captaincy and his name too seriously.
Ashish Nehra continues to recover from one injury after another.
Yuvi continues to prove he is a different player in Indian Colors.
Munaf bowled well till he lost his head and match to Amit Mishra.
Sreesanth excels as Sreesanth and bowls 5 good balls in an over.
Bhajji hasn’t slapped Sree and called Symonds a Gentleman… Man !
So much happening and Mumbai Indians choking before the Finals !
So much of action, fun and excitement has not really excited me. Why ?
Why am I dormant compared to my normal over-talkative standards ?
Very often this happens to me during those never-ending ODI series.
Every single IPL season, I have felt it as it comes to the business end.
Tendulkar may be God to millions and many who don’t believe in God.
Sehwag may be the most destructive batsman in all forms of Cricket.
Gayle may have redefined the IPL Batsmanship taking it to a new height.
I realized something today. I am going through a trough in Crickinterest.
I realized today that I am missing something, rather missing someone !
Fortunately I know what to do when I feel so low on Cricket Adrenaline…
I just watch THIS !
PS: I can sit through an entire day and then through the night watching VVS bat with the tail in tow than suffer some of that ‘Cricket’ played by the likes of Sunny Sohal and Manish Pandey; the Masters of Inelegance !
Govind Raj Shenoy for DieHard Cricket Fans

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