Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pieces of Meat, a TIPLIST and LIPLOCKS : The IPL Rocks as always

IPL qualifiers reaching towards climax. Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bengaluru look like the teams to go further. But Cricket isn’t the only thing about IPL and IPL isn’t all about Cricket. We know it is GLICKET ! So here is a random look at who, what, when and how !
Pieces of meat, a Tiplist
Gabriella Pasqualotto was another unknown cheer girl till she spilled the beans about the virility of the naughty Cricketers. In a world of Glamor and Cricket that is GLICKET, I am least surprised. If at all, it shows the Indians like Dhoni and Rohit Sharma in poor light. Because she said, “They prefer to spend time by themselves in the dark corners”.
Beauty and the Tiplist
The Season of GLICKET Liplocks
They are together, they are not. She was with someone else and he was caught red-handed with another girl. What all rumors ! Sid Mallya and Deepika Padukone answered all rumors with the only way they could and people still complain.
LIPLOCK-1 of the Season !
LIPLOCK-2 of the Season !
Shane Warne: “They Hurled stones at me. I converted them into Hurley and then she locked lips”
The Latest on Fixing
* This paragraph of the story is fixed by, oops sponsored by Fevicol *
Coming again to Warne. After Match-fixing and Spot-fixing, Warne alleged the CSK Boss did ‘Pitch Fixing’ favoring his team at Jaipur. Later he twitracted his statement. Earlier he was unhappy with Tendulkar’s comments on Jaipoor pitch ! Shane’s swan song is turning out to be a blare and that is unfortunate.
Royal Challenge Re-Gayled
RCB Challenge in this IPL was going nowhere till Mallya hit the jackpot thanks to West Indies Cricket Board. As West Indies Cricket Ails, Royal Challenge Re-Gayles ! Some people have even suggested a possibility of the King of Good times bribing the Caribbean establishment to drop Gayle.
Drop till you Flop
You drop Sehwag once and you pay for it. You drop him twice and you will be thrice Sehwagged ! The Chargers ran out of charge as Viru went on the rampage !
Shane Warne tweeted:
Shane Warne
warne888 Shane Warne

me dropping gayle cost us big time-then dropping kholi as well = horror for us. Thanks for the last 4 yrs of support guys,will miss u all !!
It still wasn’t as costly as it is turning out to be for the WICB after they dropped Gayle !
I believe I must stop here. Else I might end up like Shikar Dhawan, the man who always takes his own time to settle down before getting out soon after !
Govind Raj Shenoy for DieHard Cricket Fans

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