Friday, March 25, 2011

You Don’t Mess With The Proteas!

After that spectacular first innings,you would have thought the Proteas were on their way to a comfortable victory, but suddenly things started to go wrong and one by one the batting order began to collapse, before you knew it South Africa were already 7 down, needing 70 somewhat runs off just 10 overs. Possible – yes, likely – no.What can you do? As a devoted fan you can’t help but stare blankly at the television wondering what went wrong and why this was happening…but hold on,it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee,don’t be so quick to desert or undermine this team just yet!
As the Proteas go home, out come the critics.’Chokers’,they spew out this word like a mantra every-time something goes wrong. Don’t they know that just a few days ago, this very team topped group B or has their memory ‘choked’ as well. So whenever a team does badly the media will be quick to criticize the team but when a win comes along they are suddenly praising their efforts? As confusing, sad and hypocritical as this is, this is what humanity has come to be! It’s time we banish the losing blues and face our demons, It’s time to man up!! Win or lose South Africa still has one of the best balanced sides this world cup had to offer and yet it’s not enough to some!It may be a disappointment to exit in such an unlikely manner, but that’s cricket, being human we just have to separate the positives from the negatives if we’re ever going to succeed in life. In South Africa’s case there are many positives, like Robbie P finding his groove and the rest of the bowling attack which followed, our batsmen had their ups and downs but all looks good as everyone was able to work together as a unit. It’s not the end for the Proteas,we may not have gotten that shiny piece of metal to hoard for the next four years but as a team and as a country we came out with experiences and lessons to last a lifetime. This is not the end,but the beginning,the beginning of a new era of South African cricket. We don’t have to be no.1 to be the best,a mere position will never be able to define true talent and determination. A die-hard fan stands by their team,no matter what the outcome!
Whether it be O.D.I, test or T20, I will always remain behind my boys just like any other fan would for their team. So through destruction,I keep my head held high and my dignity intact because the phoenix must rise again from the ashes to soar across the horizon, welcoming a new day.My blood is green and my heart is gold, I am forever Pure-Protea!
Surekha Bhugeloo for DieHard Cricket Fans

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