Monday, March 7, 2011

A Cup for Mr. Tendulkar : But how do we do it ?

I had written why India will struggle to win the ongoing World Cup. I know it was a little too dark and gloomy. I too want India to Win a World Cup for Mr. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. But how do we manage do it ? Just look at the Ireland match. Zaheer sizzled up front. But the bowling fizzled thanks to ineffective Munaf and defensive Bhajji. For the umpteenth time, it is the part-timer and sixth bowler who bailed India out. Yusuf Pathan was far better than the main off-spinner. One bad day in the office got Sreesanth dumped. I am inclined to ask in Gabbar Singh style, “Ab tera kya hoga Chawla ?”
If Dhoni is serious about winning, Chawla will have just one job from here. Carry the drinks and nothing more. He should not even bowl at the nets, lest it make our batsmen over confident going against Afridi and Tahir !
But we all want India to win and win it badly… Right ? So what are we going to do ?
Get Chawla declared unfit. Send him home. Ask for replacement with Rohit Sharma. Play with Bhajji, Zaheer and 9 batsmen.
Score 400 runs in every match, nothing less and any thing more !
So this should be the team:
1] Sehwag: continue Sehwagging, come what may. Bowl in case of a calamity !
2] Sachin: can score 3 more centuries to make a grand 50 !
3] Gambhir: can keep his elbow ready for Watson !
4] Kohli: in form, especially while chasing. He will open the bowling.
5] Yuvraj: some kind of form going, keep going now. And can he chuck the pie ?
6] Raina: will relish the low bounce and slog overs and will bowl at death
7] Dhoni: can bat lower to absorb the shock in case of a collapse
8] Rohit: will bowl and bat as a specialist partnership breaker.
9] Bhajji: he will bat and bowl as a specialist slogger
10] Pathan: A floater, will bat low, because he can win from any position !
11] Zaheer: will carry no pressure, no competition to his place !
Pathan, Rohit, Yuvi, Raina, Virat and Sachin can share the 30 overs.
We have Zaheer and Virat to share the new ball.
Pathan, Raina and Rohit to bowl different shades of Off-spin.
Yuvi will do the Left arm pie chucking.
Tendulkar is the Leg Spinner [better than Chawla], Off spinner and third medium pacer.
If anyone has a bad day, Viru will chip in, in spite of his shoulder.
[Remember Bedi believes Viru is the best off spinner in India]
With this batting, we are more likely to post totals of 400 plus every time we bat.
And the bowling can’t do any worse than what is already happening.
See, how we have a perfect formula to win the World Cup for Mr. Tendulkar !
Govind Raj Shenoy for DieHard Cricket Fans

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