Thursday, March 24, 2011

WTF – The Pressure is always on India !

Before India – England group match, Strauss said, “The Pressure is on India. They are playing at home”. England tied a match they should have lost first and then won easily. Both teams choked and out-choked each other for a tie.
Smith was quoted, “It is a big match. The Pressure is on Indians. We are coming from a series win against them. They are playing at home and that can act against them”. South Africa came back strongly from a lashing and restricted India. But then choked in the middle and would have lost but for some luck towards end.
Smith said during the series prior played on South African grounds, “The Pressure is on India. They are known to be susceptible on fast and bouncy pitches. We will go all out at them”. India tied the Test series 1-1. Won the T-20 and lost the ODI series 3-2 with a depleted team.
Sammy said, “We will target the chinks in the Indian batting. We will go all out for a win. The Pressure is on Indians”. Chasing 269 for a win, West Indies collapsed from 153 / 2 and lost by 80 runs.
Even minnows love to have a go at India. Shakib al Hassan said, “We won against them the last time. So the Pressure is on the Indians”. Viru and Virat plastered Bangladesh bowlers and India cantered home in spite of an off color bowling.
We have seen almost all Captains playing against India coming up with almost same pre-match / pre-series quotes. So much so, Saurav Ganguly once said, “Yes, the Pressure is always on us. When we play at home, the Pressure is on us because we are playing in front of huge huge crowds with huge expectations. When we play away from home, the Pressure is on us because we are playing on fast tracks and in alien conditions. I would like to know when the Pressure is on others !”
If India lose, everyone can say, “We said so. Didn’t we ?”
When India manage to win at home in spite of all this unbearable Pressure; they say, “Well, they always play well at home and are a formidable team in these conditions”.
And when India manage to win abroad against all odds and in spite of all the Pressure; what do we get to hear… ?
“Well, they did play well. We could have done with a little bit of luck here and there”
“We didn’t play up to our potential”
“Well, it is tough, we let ourselves down”
“A few decisions too went against us”
“We just had one bad session and lost the match”
“We had a bad day in the office. We will come back hard”
“Well, nothing went according to our plans. But we will work out strategies to hit back”
Why is it that ‘The Pressure” is always on India ? WTF ?
And today, Australia believed the ‘Pressure‘ was on India. Because there are a lot of expectations and they are playing at home…
Govind Raj Shenoy for DieHard Cricket Fans

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