Monday, March 28, 2011

Speculations on Yuvinspiration !

Has Yuvraj Singh’s father spilled the beans ? Or is he as clueless as we are ? It is common knowledge in Indian Cricket that everyone wants to say, “Thank You Sachin” ! So I don’t really think we have to buy this. But we are too impatient to wait for the thing to come from the horse’s mouth.
Hence we thought it was time for Doctoring the Balls. Some investigations into this You-We-Inspiration needed. So went Dr. Ball Subramaniam [Dr. Balls for short] to do some research on Yuvinspiration. He met some possible candidates. And here is his report.
What Yograj Singh didn’t mention when Dr. Balls met him, “Well, I have bloody tortured, terrorized and trained the lad. There can be only one inspiration and that is ME, Yograj Singh, the ‘Baap’ of Yuvraj Singh. I am a very modest man you see and that is why I prefer to say “Thank You Sachin” !
So here we go…
Roy of Inspiration ?
Dr. Balls: Mr. Roy, are you the man who has inspired Yuvi to fire ? After all that happened in IPL-3, he was sulking, lost form and was at the lowest of his morale. It was you who stood by him. You were the only “Sahara” in whole of India for him. We think it has to be YOU !
Subrata Roy: Well of course, everyone has inspired Yuvi. He is a great guy. It should not be considered as a jab if I say he was let down by Punjab. Yuvi is a precious gem and we needed him and we got him. If he thinks I am his inspiration, I am honored. But for me, Yuvi is the inspiration. India will win the World Cup this time and our team will win the IPL-4 under Yuvi’s dynamic leadership.
Inventor of The Pallu Scoop !
Dr. Balls: Ma’am, you have been his strength and have brought him up through ‘Thin and Thick”. We have reasons to believe YOU are the person Yuvi has drawn inspiration. In this ‘Reincarnation of Yuvraj Singh’, you are the Mother India !
Shabnam Singh: Yuvi is a great boy. He has drawn inspiration from many people including Sachin and Saurav. I have only told him not to take inspiration from his father. I have been a devoted mother. I have taught him only one shot, ‘The Pallu Scoop’. It isn’t true that Dilshan invented it. I did. Yuvi thinks that is a ‘Girls’ shot and being the ‘Man’ he is he doesn’t like to play that. Otherwise my boy is a fantastic son. He has become ‘So Big‘ today solely because of his own efforts, hard work and talent. I am blessed to be his mother. If he thinks I am his inspiration, he is being nice to his mother and all mothers. I wish they win the World Cup this time.
Dada of his boys !
Dr. Balls: Dada, you had written a letter to Yuvi when you were Captain and he was out of form and out of team. There are reasons to believe you could have done it again. Are you the man who has ‘lifted’ Yuvi ?
Saurav: See, nobody lifts Yuvi, especially these days. He is his own man. I might have written a letter to him long ago. But I also wrote letters to Agarkar, Kartik and many others. They didn’t respond. I don’t want to spoil the party by telling you if I have written to Yuvi or not. Let them go all the way. I have never stolen the limelight from my team-mates. And I am proud of my boys, Viru, Yuvi, Zaks, Bhajji and all of them. But I would prefer him to disclose the name after winning the finals. We went a long way in 2003. I want this team to go one step further. All the best to Yuvi, Mahi and all of them.
Anchal me kya hai ?
Dr. Balls: Ms. Kumar, are you the inspiration of Yuvi the match winner ? Are you the one who has made him so determined ? Is it “Love ke liye kuch bhi karega” ?
Anchal Kumar: See, first thing first ! We are just good friends. In fact Family Friends ! So there is no question of my having an affair with Yuvi. And he is younger to me too. I have seen him grow up. I am happy he is doing well now. I don’t think I am his inspiration, but if my friendship has inspired him I’d be proud. I wish the team all the best. They should win the World Cup this time.
The Smile that Launched a Million Runs !
Dr. Balls: Sachin, an entire nation has taken inspiration from you. Now everyone is eager to know who is the mysterious inspiration in Yuvi’s life. Yuvi’s father believes it is YOU. What do you think ?
Sachin: Well, he called me ‘Grandpa’ and inspired me to score a Double century in one day Cricket. I haven’t called him any names in public even though I threatened. That was all in good spirit. I really don’t know if I have inspired him or anyone. But it is nice to be of inspiration to someone. To know who is his inspiration, you should ask Yuvraj and not me. But I think you should wait till he decides to tell. Now let him concentrate on the game. I just hope he keeps performing and everyone performs well and we manage to win the World Cup.
Govind Raj Shenoy for DieHard Cricket Fans

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