Sunday, April 11, 2021

RCB's Plans for Future Matches

After watching incredible efforts by RCB to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory against Mumbai Indians, here is an attempt to guess plans of RCB for the future matches.

First thing first. Let truth be told. RCB deliberately tried to lose the match to jinx Mumbai. The twice defending champions win every time they have lost the first match. Hence RCB tried to deny that luck this time. Alas, superstitious Nita Ambani's team turned out to be smarter.

ABDV is the match winner. He batted at No. 5 against MI to protect against top order collapse. RCB could play ABDV at No. 7 or 8 or even 9 in upcoming matches to overcome risks of a middle order collapse.

RCB will take inspiration from CSK and India legend MSD. They would try to take the match deep and if possible, to the last ball.

Washington Sundar will bowl just one over, even if he claims a hat trick in that over. This is to ensure the boy doesn't get tired. Kohli wants to keep him fresh for World Cup T20 later this year, where he will have a lot of work to do as water boy.

RCB fielders will continue to follow social distancing norms from the ball to prevent spread of COVID19. As of now, RCB fielders cannot even catch a cold.

To Maxi-mize the returns on the maximum investment they've made on Maxwell, RCB could use him as a floater to surprise opponents by changing his batting order in every match. To keep opponents guessing, Maxwell himself will not be told about his number in the batting order till the last moment. 

Strategies keep evolving. Hence there will be more updates after future matches.

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