Monday, July 15, 2019

The Rule of Rules

OK. So I am not able to understand the furore over the result of the final..Cricket is losing out over other sports (even in England)...So much so that they had to broadcast it free to air today...Today's game is a great example to promote our game in Latin America and countries who don't play cricket, as they would correlate with the tie breaker rule...Yes, I know, it is tough...It's more like a heart breaker 😞 to see Guptil today, crying and broken, was a tough sight... A BIG SALUTE TO THE GUY, WHO CARRIES ON, EVEN WITH JUST TWO TOES IN HIS ONE FOOT! A LEGEND! A MOTIVATION!
But so is Roger Federer, who faced another heart wrenching tie-breaker defeat today😖 why no one saying that he should have been declared joint winner? Same is in football - one clear winner!
The thing is, cricket is a complex sport, with lots of nuances and intricate details...The game is being evolved each day, but also this is game which cannot keep on going on and on...The result has to be decided at some stage, and as today showed, in future also, there will be flaws with those new rules..

I Would have been most happy if trophy was shared today! NZ so deserved to win! Hats off! But luck favoured England, and they played well too... Commiseration to NZ and congratulations to England!

But I feel many people are just not happy coz they personally dislike England, for whatever reason! This has nothing to do with the brand of cricket shown by England in past 4 years, the way they totally revamped their style, culture and strategy! And they were no.1 side in the world before the tournament started.

Yes, as a cricket lover, I felt pain when ever south Africa lost in a world cup semi final...Yes, I felt pain when NZ lost in 2015 final...yes, I felt the pain when Carlos Brathwaite could not finish the match against NZ in league stage..Yes, I was both, as heart-broken and ecstatic when Carlos Brathwaite hit those 4 sixes, as I am today..I am happy for England, but sorrowful for the Kiwis

As a die hard cricket lover, this was adrenaline of highest order...It was thrill a second ride, but in the noise and debate of 'deserving winners' and 'undeserving winners', let's not undermine the real gem of a show put on by both the teams!

This match, based on the drama, performances, strategy, luck and sheer emotions (coz of what was on stake), is a perfect example of what cricket is to a beginner of the game!

Let's give credit and applause both the teams and players to have provided us with a heart stopping display of cricket, on the grandest stage of them all!

Nishant Raizaday for DieHard Cricket Fans

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