Sunday, March 15, 2015

Five Alternative Professions for Dhoni !

Captain of the reigning CWC Champions and one of the finest players of the death game, Mahendra Singh Dhoni will go down as a modern day legend.

For all his failures in Test Cricket, his ODI records as Captain as well as player are beyond compare.

He's made a life out of chasing down targets from absolutely hopeless situations. But if he weren't a Cricketer, what profession would have suited him best ?

Here are the 5 professions that Dhoni would have done equally well, if he weren't a Cricketer.

1. A Marathon runner: He's that kind of guy. Looks as if he's taking a stroll in the park. As if he doesn't exist. As if nothing is happening there. And then before anyone could realize, he'll be there at the winning line before anyone could blink.

2. A Surgeon: He can make a fantastic Surgeon. He's economical in his moves. Precise in dissecting the gaps. He cuts only as much as is absolutely necessary. He can frustrate the watchers by his dour methods sometimes. But finally, almost always; he manages to get the job done before the Anesthesia weans off. Well of course, he can leave a feeling of numbness on the victims though.

3. A Boxer: An easy choice again. He is up against a weak opponent or against a mighty opponent, the situation doesn't ruffle him. He doesn't play the opponents. He plays the situation. He keeps blocking and blocking and tires down the opponent. And once he's done with tiring them down, he attacks and then it's slam-bang and knockout.

4. A Tennis Superstar: Just imagine this. He runs tirelessly. He almost never shows any emotion except for a grin or a frown. He has innovation and great hand-eye coordination. He can perhaps invent a helicopter over head lob and a forehand straight drive that could blow the opponent with sheer power. And can he serve ? If anyone remembers how he can pull from out side the off-stump to midwicket, there will be no doubts. He'll ace for sure. And not to forget the big points. Nobody plays the big points quite like him.

5. A Politician: Think of this. He can talk. He's suave. He's handsome. He knows enough languages. He knows how to handle money and fame. He knows how to change according to situations. He's seen enough of politics inside and outside Cricket. He knows who is dispensable and who isn't. He can completely sideline those he doesn't trust in. He is hugely popular and polite with people too. He's the quintessential Modi of Cricket. Coming from an ordinary middle class background from a small town, he's risen to the top. He also knows how and whom to trust and delegate work. And quite like Modi, he doesn't talk about controversies. He also has blind followers and blind haters. What more does a successful politician need ?

People can think of so many more things. But I believe, these are the five professions most suited for MSD, if he weren't a Cricketer.

But the bottom line is that Indian team is lucky to have him as a player and a Captain.

Govind Raj Shenoy for DieHard Cricket Fans

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