Saturday, January 24, 2015

My IPL Diary# Niqueline

Which IPL team were you cheering for? 

My first team was Deccan Chargers (2011). My last team was the Mumbai Indians (and that year they won 2013 :) )

What were your expectations before coming for the IPL?

I heard a lot of stories about India and what to expect in India, some good some bad. But once I arrived I fell in love with India and its people.

What kind of preparations did you do before coming?

We needed to attend dance rehearsals and have our visas sorted out before leaving South Africa.

How was it when you performed during a match for the first time?

The first match is always the toughest. I was on my nerves just before entering the stadium, but once the music started and we started dancing, it was fun.

Did you learn any Indian dance moves?

Yes definitely from the Peacock hand to the Twist the light bulb and pet the dog.

How was the India experience?

I have been to India 3 times and will love to go back as many times as possible. I am currently planning a holiday to India with my partner, I cannot stop talking about India. I tell everyone that they need to experience it. From the culture to the food, the Architecture and the of course the night life.

Did you get time to explore India?

We were so lucky to visit 9 cities of India, and we made time to go out and explore.
Some of my favourite places: The Taj Mahal, City Palace in Jaipur, Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, Elephanta Caves in Mumbai.

How wild were the parties? 

We always had to stay together as a group so partying with the girls was always fun

Would you like to come back in future to IPL or India in general?

Yes Yes and Yes I would love to go back to India.

What is one memory of this experience which will be embossed on your mind forever?

There we so many but the time we spend in Dharamasala was the best especially the Himalayas, I will never forget the natural beauty. And the Shopping what girl doesn't love some pretty things.

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