Monday, September 3, 2012

In the name of the Holy Spirit of Cricket !

Murali Kartik is the man most hated today in Somerset and England and even more than the Pakistani trio accused of spot-fixing. We know his crime, he Mankaded Alex Barrow after warning him earlier in the over for backing up too far. Somerset Captain Trescothick lost no time in admonishing the "despicable" act of the former Indian spinner. The crowd too booed this act.

I strongly suspect "Spirit of Cricket" is a strange slimy liquid with a mind of its own. It flows in one direction. Wherever an Indian is involved, it flows against  ! So much so, often we get flooded by this spirit.

"Spirit of Cricket" got Dennis the Menace so inebriated, he suspended 7 Indians for over appealing and such 'Crimes' while Allan Donald and Co got away with murder, assassination and holocaust in the same series.

"Spirit of Cricket" ordains that an act of dissent by an Indian should always be dealt with severest punishment by Match Referees while the Aussies and Poms should be let off with a friendly pat on the back.

When stupid Bell was run out legally, he must be called back in the name of  "Spirit of Cricket". But when India received one atrocious decision after the other, they must accept them also in the name of the "Spirit of Cricket".

When it comes to India, all rules come into play and 2.5 meters can make a world of difference. "Spirit of Cricket" takes over from there because India must accept Umpire's verdict without questioning while the likes of Ricky Ponting seem to be born with the right to question, overturn and even dictate Umpires !

India must accept Doctored television replays because it is only the burden of India to uphold the "Spirit of Cricket".

If Sehwag is denied a century by the Sri Lankans with a deliberate 'no-ball', it required a serious protest by Indians for any action against the culprit. Sri Lanka never thought it necessary to open the bottle containing "Spirit of Cricket".

Sri Lanka who demanded that Lahiru Thirimanne be recalled in the name of the Holy "Spirit of Cricket", never thought of bowling that ball again after admonishing the bowler. Neither did Mahela warn his batsman against backing up too far as we could see Thirimanne doing the same later in the same series.

Spirit of Cricket seldom flows towards team India as we can see Sachin blocked by Lee and thus getting run out. And that has happened before to Sachin !

So how to preserve the "Spirit of Cricket" ?

Nothing, continue to target, punish, fine, admonish, cheat and suspend Indians.
Long live the Spirit of Cricket, let us get drunk on it !

Govind Raj Shenoy for DieHard Cricket Fans

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