Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Wrists that launched a Thousand Flicks !

The Gods of Eden !
What do I feel now ? When I saw Yahoo headline, "VVS Laxman retires..." I thought he would do it after the New Zealand series. But it went on "... with immediate effect" !

Well, his timing never deserted him. He said he is making way for the younger generation. What better way than give them the cushion of playing on home soil ? Salutes to Laxman for being VVS !
People are writing a lot of wonderful things about Laxman. I am not as gifted with words. So I have to do it my way. What do I think now ? What all things come to my mind now ? I can write a thousand things, but will settle for 10 things that come straight from the heart ! 

281 and Eden: The Best Ever Cricket Innings by an Indian !

Wrists: That on-drove Shane Warne through mid-wicket !

Flicks: That gave us so many kicks as he batted along with the "Wall" of bricks !

Gentleman: Who enthralled us with his wrists, smile and magnificent demeanor !

VVS: Very Very Slow, Very Very Silent, Very Very so many more things yet he'll forever be remembered as Very Very Special ! 

Tail: There may be many who can be branded Talisman in Indian Cricket. But there was only one Tailsman; VVS Laxman.

ODI: He was a gentleman who didn't believe in one night or rather one day stands and hence never really flicked or clicked in ODI Cricket. 

Fourth Innings: If VVS joins the Commentary team on any channel after retirement, the program will thenceforth be known as "Tail-lines from the Fourth Innings".

Australia: 18 August will henceforth be celebrated as Independence day in Australian Cricket. Now they are forever free from the tyrannical artistry of VVS !


Artistry: What do we call a book on the batting artistry of VVS ?
"The Wrists that launched a Thousand Flicks !"

Govind Raj Shenoy for DieHard Cricket Fans

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