Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Father, Son and the Holy Spirit of Cricket !

Its been more than a month since my last post. July was completely barren. Partly because of personal issues and partly because of not much inspirational stuff happening. The West Indies – India series was totally forgettable. I don’t even remember who all played that series.
The ongoing England – India series seems to be attracting more attention for what is not Cricket than Cricket. Conceding the fact that England appear distinctly superior team at present, I still believe India have been pretty unlucky on several aspects.
Most of the good decisions on field have gone in favor of England and almost all bad decisions too have. But that isn’t anything new for India. When was the last time did India have the better of Umpiring ? Adding to the issue is every expert’s verdict that India are themselves to be blamed for not accepting UDRS.
But this post is about ‘What is NOT Cricket’ and NOT about ‘What is Cricket’. Let us just take a look at what has happened so far.
Kick and remorse !
Event-1: Swann kicks the stumps and expresses remorse and gets away without even a fine. This was his second such offense in 5 month. Praveen Kumar expresses displeasure about Umpiring decision and gets fined. Even he showed remorse, buts still was fined…
Moral of the story: An Indian’s remorse is not remorse enough to escape fine.
Event-2: Baby Broad goes to examine if Laxman had applied Vaseline to the edge of the bat to cheat the ‘hot spot’ and is convinced there was no Vaseline. Michel Vaughan tweets about Vaseline and then counters the outrage with sarcasm. We never knew Vaughan had any sense of humor. If he had he never showed it in his playing days. What would have been the reaction if Sreesanth were to go and examine the bat of Bell or Strauss in a similar situation ?
Moral of the story: Having a Match Referee for father helps. Sreesanth’s father is not even an Umpire.
Event-3: Bell was technically and stupidly run-out. But still English stink tank wanted India to take back the appeal. India complied because they didn’t feel good about that. They had suffered a lot in the Caribbean. But isn’t it surprising that it is only one way traffic when it comes to “Spirit of Cricket” ?
  • Sachin Tendulkar was once run out thanks to timely obstruction by Shoaib Akhtar. He was NOT recalled.
  • Dhoni was twice ruled out wrongly by the third Umpire and the whole world saw that. No Captain or Commentator remembered the spirit of Cricket.
  • Chris Broad has been so narrow minded in his approach towards Team India that he is worse than Bucknor and Harper.
  • Srikkanth was run out wandering out side his crease in his first test. The opposition Captain never thought much about the debutant then.
  • Sehwag was denied a century in one of the most un-sportsman like act by the Sri Lankan Off spinner. Of course he was punished, may be because he too is not the son of an ICC official.
  • Any act of aggression by Indians on field gets immediate and immaculate punishment. From Manoj Prabhakar to Ganguly, Gambhir, Bhajji, Sreesanth and many more examples. But others somehow get let off easily with ‘expression of remorse’.
Can someone remind me of an incident of an Indian batsman being called back by opponents when he was declared out wrongly ?
Spirit of Cricket will have a meaning when it is a give and take. So far it has always been interpreted as “India give and others take” all favors !
With the way the English press, players and Commentators have behaved so far, this is bloody war out there and we are conceding vital advantage there ! I don’t blame Dhoni and his team for playing poor Cricket. It happens to the best of the men and best of the teams. But I am pissed off like hell because they called back Bell. How long will India have to keep playing the nice guys or be forced to play the virtuous ?
Govind Raj Shenoy for DieHard Cricket Fans

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