Sunday, May 29, 2011

Comings Soon: 5 IPL Movies

So the IPL is finally over… Sigh ! Thanks everybody and thank you Sachin !
Saurabh Tiwari is poster boy of IPL Bosses for finishing off with a DLF Maximum !
So now it is time for some entertainment.
And what way better than with some movies ?
Cricket and Cinema drive this nation crazy.
So here are 5 movies inspired by the IPL…
Coming Soon…

Pirate of the Caribbean

The Pirate 'Finally' Falls
Jilted by the West Indian Cricket board, an irate Christopher Henry wrecks Gayle storms in East Indian Cricket show piece. He slaughters the hapless bowlers before ‘Finally’ falling for the Super King’s guile ! He walks away with individual laurels even as the Super Kings celebrate.

The Mommy Returns

The Turbanator and The Mommy !
The Turbanator lifted the Mommy last time around. Still the Mommy went home without a win. The claim was they lost 160 millions in 2010. They wanted a sequel with a hope to rake in the moolah. This time too, The Mommy Returns; Empty-handed !

Father and Son

Father and Son
The Father and Son live in a world of their own; a gigantic world. They sell beer and fly Kingfisher with beautiful girls. The son has a ‘Dum Belle’ in tow. They even rope in the Pirate as their hit-man. But when it comes to the final hurdle, the King of good times falls in to bad times, the Prince becomes Pauper and the Belle sings “Dumb maaro Dumb”.


The Beastly Slinga !
The terrorized batsmen ran for safety to save their toes as the ‘Slinga’ went berserk through IPL. But may be he went weak in the knee during the final week. The Mommy returned home sad for the God !

The Hangover II

The Hangover Spills Over to Galleries !
What do you do when you already have a hit which has broken many records ? You make a sequel. But the trick is to make it bigger, better and more banging. This is exactly what Hangover II attempts, and manages competently. The Yellows had the Reds for a swallow. This will linger on for the Cricket Crazy Chennai fans ! This is the ‘Biggest Hit’ in Tamilnadu that doesn’t have Rajnikanth in it !

The End !

Govind Raj Shenoy for DieHard Cricket Fans

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