Sunday, April 17, 2011

Take Home from Cricket

No doubt we love cricket, we are crazy for the sport. Our World Cup victory followed by some good IPL has made the picture even cozy and cricket more interesting. We give cricket a lot of priority, we miss outings, for day matches we are constantly on cricinfo in office, for people like me in US we wake up at nights; this is all addiction to the game.
Why do we do this?
Because we love the game, we love those great shots, that sharp bowling and that athletic fielding, we love to support and cheer for our teams even from our homes.
What makes me ponder is if this over addiction to cricket GOOD? Though it entertains us a lot, but what do we take away from the game?
In this stressful and fast world, we all need some entertainment and cricket provides us that perfect respite from all the worldly chores, just immerse yourself in a cricket match and forget the world.
But other than entertainment what else do we gain from cricket, if Sachin hits a T20 hundred, we are so proud of him, so proud of ourselves being an Indian. If Paul Valthaty hits a hundred and enables Kings XI Punjab beat CSK, he is doing his job; what do we take out of it!?
What i feel is that we should take lessons from the greatness of the game rather than normal time pass. When you see Sachin caressing the ball through the covers or playing that exquisite straight drive; take a lesson about the passion and his dedication to the game even at such an age; make him a source of inspiration and help youself do best in your personal goals as well. When you see Paul hitting a century, think you can also fare well in your profession though you can be a new comer.
So, all i want to say is that we should use the game and the performances as a motivating tool, a source of inspiration in our personal lives; coz at the end of the day they are doing their jobs and we have to do our own.
@All the fans: Enjoy the cricket and fare well in life :)
Ankit Chaudhary for DieHard Cricket Fans

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