Wednesday, July 3, 2019

A Tribute To Bumrah: 30 Years Before He Was Born

A confident Saifuddin gestured to Rubel to play out the last 2 balls of Bumrah's last over, the 5th and 6th balls of 48th over of Bangladesh innings. Saif believed he had his chances to get those 29 runs of the remaining 2 overs of Shami and Bhuvan, especially Shami being his target. It was a reasonable hope but Bumrah had other plans and we know what he did to Rubel and Mustafizur of exactly those 2 balls. He left Saif deflated at the non-striker's end and that was the end !
When Bumrah bowls at death, he must be played out. Don't try to hit him. Just stay there because these are balls of fire. These are not my words. These were beautifully expressed in a song from the 1964 Hindi movie "Dooj Ka Chand". Manna Dey made this fervent request to lower order batsmen in lyrics written by Sahir Ludhianvi. Music was composed by Roshan.
Manna Dey repeatedly tells tail end batters "Don't hit, don't hit - Na Maaro Na Maaro". The song goes thus.
Full Gendwa Na Maaro, Na Maaro,
Lagat Karejwa me Chot
It pleads, "Please don't hit the full ball. It will hurt inside the chest." Sahir clearly expresses the desperation of Coaches and well settled batsmen like Saifuddin at the non striker's end. As the ball demolishes the heart of the timber behind the batsman, hit hurts the hearts of the Coach, partner and all the supporters.

That's why Manna Day goes on.
"Ruk Jaa, Ruk Jaa, Ruk Jaa Oh Zulmi Balam"
A clear request to stay put at the wicket by not trying to hit what he describes "This is a pieace of burning coal that is called a ball."
"Dahaka Huaa Yeh Angaara, Jo Gendwa Kehlaaye Hain"
Unfortunately for Saifuddin, neither Rubel nor Mustafizur paid heed to these words of wisdom by Sahir and Manna Dey and both were destroyed by Bumrah, leaving Saif, Bangladesh Coach and millions of fans heart broken.
Moral of the story: Always listen to words of wisdom from seniors, experienced people and legends like Sahir Ludhianvi and Manna Dey. They always have some message, even in a 55 year old song.
Hail Bumrah !

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