Monday, June 17, 2019

India Pakistan CWC 2019 Match: Lessons Learned !

Pakistan PM Imran Khan wrote a long and passionate message on Twitter to motivate Pakistan team. He exhorted them to try and give their best in the India-Pakistan match and fight till the last ball. He categorically asked Sarfaraz Ahmed to bat first if he won the toss.
Sarfaraz Ahmed won the toss. He promptly chose to bowl. He was yawning widely while keeping and fell asleep while batting as the asking run rate crashed through the roof. Forget the last ball, Pakistan were out of the game after Amir finished his 4th over.
Even with Duckworth Lewis looming large, they were never in the hunt after the 20th over while batting and each over widened the gulf between DL target and Pakistan score. And then it was all over in the 35th over. There was no fight left.
A disinterested looking India went through the motions when play resumed for those farcical 5 overs with Pakistan needing over 25 runs every over. Even if Dhoni, Kohli, Rahul, Rohit and some Indian fan from the crowd had bowled those 5 overs, India still would have won handsomely. It was a total non-contest, quite like the crowd; India all the way.
So what are the lessons learned for Pakistan ?
1. Sarfraz Ahmed doesn't care for CWC history
2. Damn, Imran Khan's message was in English

3. None of the Pakistan players check Twitter
4. Sarfraz doesn't trust his batters on fresh pitches
5. Pakistan underestimated Indian batting
6. Pakistan thought chasing is better in DL situations
7. Believing it will rain, Sarfraz watched p**n whole night
8. Pakistan over ate previous night, hoping for rain
9. Ghanta lessons, Pakistan never learn.
10. Nobody listens to Imran Khan in Pakistan.
And what are the lessons learned for India ?
Don't over-hype India-Pakistan matches. They mostly end up prematurely.

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