Monday, October 20, 2014

My IPL Diary# Marilize

The IPL team you were cheering for?
I was cheering for the RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore)

What kind of preparations did you do before coming over for the IPL?
Everything happened so quick. When I found out that I was chosen to be a cheerleader, I instantly hit the gym 2 times a day to become more fit. We needed to attend dance classes everyday for 2 weeks to learn new routines so that we can perform as a group on the podiums without making any mistakes.

How was it when you performed during a match for the first time?
My first match was in Dubai - Sharjah. It was a night game that started 6pm UAE time so it was not that hot anymore. The temp in Dubai can get very high. I was nervous to go on the podium for the
first time as there was so many people and everyone was cheering for us. It was amazing, once my feet touched the podium everything just became instinctive. We made a lot of mistakes in the first games with our routines but we just laughed it off and worked on it. The people loved us and everyone was just taking photos and wanted photos with us. I would say my first performance was scary but the best experience of my life.

The UAE experience
UAE was amazing. It is a place I would love to visit again. Everything in Dubai is bigger and better and the people and everyone so friendly. I saw the most amazing buildings and night life and the shopping malls in Dubai was something to write home about. The hotel we lived in was a 45 floor building which is bigger than all of the buildings where I came from (Cape Town - South Africa) and it was like I was living a dream. We went to the beach almost on every off day after our rehearsals or went for shopping. One of the best things in Dubai was the water park :)

The India experience
India was just as amazing as UAE. It was a different experience than Dubai but I loved every moment. At first it was a big culture shock and its a really poor country but you need to stay positive all the time and enjoy every experience. There were times where it got a bit to much and I missed home but as soon as we got to the games everything was worth it again. India was a great place to see in terms of culture and of course the markets and the shopping. India it self have a night life of its own and I met some really really nice people which I still have contact with even today.

Did you get time to explore India?
We had off days between our games when we could do what we want to but always had a certain time we needed to be back so that our managers can make sure we are safe. We went to go see a few temples and shopping most of the time. I actually got my first tattoo in Bangalore which were my home time and its written in Hindi. India really grew to my heart and I would definitely return in the future and I really wish my country would make use of tuk-tuks I LOVED them.

How wild were the parties ?
We worked hard and we played harder. The parties were wild but we knew our limits and what happened in India stays in India ;)
Would you like to come back in future to IPL or India in general?
I would definitely come back to India as a tourist and as a cheerleader.

What is one memory of this experience which will be embossed on your mind forever?
One thing that was the funniest and best memory happened in one hotel we were staying in. At night we decided to shower but we didn't notice that there was no where for the water to exit :) and so my roomie went for shower and somehow broke the shower and the we couldn't stop the water the whole bathroom and room was flooded. Also the memories of the way that the people danced with us at the games :) It made my day to see them trying to make the moves we do. and one of the most special things of the whole trip was the way me and my other 9 cheerleaders formed a special bond and they all became like sisters to me.

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