Monday, June 20, 2011

The BCCI vs The DRS – The Height of Arrogance

Its not old news that our friends at the BCCI continue to utterly refuse the DRS system, their secretary saying as much once more yesterday. The previous reaction from most of the world including myself would be to shake our heads in annoyance, probably mutter a few profanities under our breath (quietly), and get on with life. Today it is different however, today I am compelled to dig deeper, perhaps get an understanding of the psyche behind all this, is there a motive underneath it all?
If this picture was the DRS run on the BCCI decision, they would call this one not out despite the evidence, just because they can.
Let us try to formulate reasons as to why this ridiculous situation is with us:
Because Sachin And MS Say So
The two most powerful figures in Indian cricket, possibly all cricket, possibly all of India, claim that the technology is not 100% accurate. Perhaps the BCCI is no more than just a spineless extension of their voices? In that case, who are Tendulkar and Dhoni to make a critique on the DRS technology? Its like a McDonald’s cashier having the power to stop them selling coke because he doesn’t agree with the level of fizz. There is usually a players association present, a body that is supposed to be representative of the players, I haven’t heard a squeak from them, if there even is one.
Because The Secretary Says So
Our friend the BCCI secretary, N. Srinivasan, claims boldly that they are a “structured organization” who “make their own decisions”. Lets back track a second, who on earth is N. Srinivasan to be the judge on this? Does he even have a cricketing background? He is anindustrialist from Chennai, who is he to be the face of the BCCI? As far as I am concerned he is no more qualified to make these statements than Queen Latifah. If there really was a structured organization, the players association would answer to him, and he would answer to the ICC. In a land where money talks, this is what happens.
Common sense was not in the job description.
Because The ICC Don’t Say A Word
Srinivasan is the secretary for the Indian cricket board, not world cricket. He should have absolutely no say in this matter, yet as always there is a deathly silence from the so called governing body of world cricket. There needs to be a China mentality here, the ICC should be in charge, period. The sad reality of it all is that the ICC is merely a curtain, a faded doormat for one nation’s selfish cricket board. In a recent survey, 94% of players agree that ICC does not act in the best interests of cricket, and 69% agree that the BCCI has an unfair influence on the ICC. The people are not blind, only the people at the top are.
Because The DRS Is Not Accurate
The big argument is that they cannot guarantee 100% accuracy and therefore the system is invalid. This is an unbelievably idiotic statement. Imagine you were making a return on investment, “yes yes we know that you can give me a nine dollar return on average, but you can’t guarantee me ten dollars! Therefore I will settle for fifty cents. And so will the rest of the world because I said so”. Physics, mathematics and statistics, the very foundations of our scientific knowledge are based on assumptions. Why do unlike poles attract and like poles repel? They just do, the same way the BCCI repels intelligence.
And So What Happens From Here?
As usual. Nothing.
Contributed by DHCF: Varun Prasad
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